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Gordie Peer | World's Greatest Whip Cracker


One of the last of Hollywood's original Western legends, Gordie Peer at the age of seventy-something can still twirl a six-gun with pinwheel precision and slice a piece of paper with his whip at twenty paces like a seasoned surgeon. Peer got his start during the Depression working in Colonel Jim Eskew's Wild West Show, eventually making dozens of cowboy pictures in Hollywood. Along the way, he traveled the rodeo circuit as trick rider and roper and expert gunslinger. For many years, he was Clayton Moore's (Lone Ranger) and Jay Silverheels' (Tonto) trusty sidekick in touring shows and became lifelong friends with Moore. He taught Western movie legend Lash Larue how to use a whip. While his Hollywood celebrity follows him across the country, he still calls the quiet little cow town of Okeechobee, Florida, home. Here, he rides with Cracker cowhunters and works cattle and horses, and once a year teaches youngsters and the curious how to trick rope, spin six-shooters, and crack whips at his special school. He has become a true Florida cowman, but will forever be known as Florida's only Western cowboy.

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