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Janis Owens | Author, Cracker Kitchen


Janis is the author of My Brother Michael, Myra Sims, and the award-winning The Schooling of Claybird Catts (Harper Collins). Recently published is her Cracker Kitchen: In Celebration of Food, Family, and a Great American Tradition. Considered one of the best contemporary Southern writers, Janis is known for her lively story-filled presentations.


Born a few miles south of the Alabama-Georgia border in the small town of Marianna, Florida in 1960, Janis was the last child and only daughter of a preacher and his wife. Her Cracker upbringing is the basis for her books and a great part of her unique personality.


"Owens' fine writing and the ring of her natural voice will carry readers along like a tale told on a porch on a sultry Southern night." - Publishers Weekly

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